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Champion Iris Fan Button by MattPlaysVG

Many people got really excited about Super Smash Bros 4.  Myself included.  I am a big fan of the Smash series.  However, I am REALLY disappointed in what Smash 4 is, especially considering what it could have been.

First, the good points.  I really approve of most of the choices for characters.  Namely, Mega Man and Cloud.  The fact that franchises that were underrepresented getting more coverage is also a good move.  Most of all, I really enjoy the idea of allowing custom characters to be made.  That is something I always wanted in Smash.

However, the bad points really outweigh the good.  First off, why would Sakurai not have any cutscenes in the story mode?  I understand why he didn't, with YouTube posting the ones from Brawl.  But that isn't enough of an excuse!  If the story mode doesn't have cutscenes, it's just a glorified arcade mode!

Second, some of the franchises seem to have been favored over others.  Almost to an insulting degree.  I love the Fire Emblem series, yes, but the number of characters that represent that compared to the other popular franchises causes a pretty big letdown.

Third, some of the Nintendo characters that I would have loved to see are nowhere to be found except in skins or trophies.  Among these characters are Lyn, Chrom, Ashley, Mona, and most of all, Daisy.  The way Nintendo treats Daisy makes me think that they hate her.

Fourth, the controversy behind some of Smash's removed features.  Tharja's trophy was removed before Smash 4 was released.  Apparently, this was to remove any potential content that would cause a T rating.  But, if that is the case, why is Zero Suit Samus still around!?  Also, what is the whole reason behind including Bayonetta if that is the real reason!?  If avoiding a T rating is what you want, adding a female character from a game rated M or higher is the LAST thing you should do!

Also, on that note, personally, I think the soundtrack for the game is a pretty big letdown.  Especially the new Final Destination tune.

And finally, the biggest reason that Smash 4 is such a huge letdown for me:  the Smash Ballot and its results!  WAY too many people placed characters on the ballot that didn't make any sense at all!  A character with no game representation?  Not happening.  A character who originated from something other than video games?  Also, no.  A character from a horror game?  OF COURSE NOT!  Why do so many people not understand when a character has no chance of making it into a certain game!?  A good amount of my rage towards the ballot is the fact that certain characters who should have been in the game from the start had to become DLC.  Why would you make characters from your own franchises DLC in a Smash game!?  It doesn't make any sense!  The worst part, though, is the fact that characters that would have been perfect fits were left out, despite their popularity.  Mostly characters from Nintendo franchises, but also some third-party characters.  Characters like Snake and Raiden from the Metal Gear series, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow from the Sonic series, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7, Zero and X from the Mega Man X series, and plenty of others.  Especially Shantae!  This is kind of a personal reason for hating Smash 4, but I would have preferred to have Shantae over Bayonetta when it came to fanservicey DLC.

Overall, Smash 4 is a huge step down from Brawl in my eyes.  Most of the bad things are kind of personal reasons, but it's mostly that Smash 4 does very little to improve upon the Smash formula.  That and the roster's missing slots REALLY get me upset.  In fact, I completely refused to get Smash 4 at all because of this.  I can guarantee this, though.  If Bayonetta and Pac-Man can get into Smash, so can Daisy and Shantae!  I am not going to get any more Smash games until it truly improves!

In short, this is what I have to say about what has been done with Smash 4, especially leaving out Daisy and Shantae:

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