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Here's the DNA for my Touhou OC's, along with some info about them.

Solaris Masamune

Descended from Date Masamune, Solaris is from the world of Innistrad.  During the day, he is a vampire, but gets no negative effects from sunlight.  In fact, it may make him stronger.  During the night, he is an angel.  He is a long-time rival of Marina Yukimura.  The reason behind their rivalry is unknown, but there are rumors as to why.

The most common is that he lost one of his eyes in a fight against Marina Yukimura.  Reimu found him and nursed him back to health.  To repay the miko for her kindness, Solaris pledged his loyalty to the keepers of the Hakurei Shrine.

Solaris uses mainly swords.  He has a special stance that allows him to wield 6 swords at the same time, passed down to him from Date Masamune.  He can command both light and electric energy.  It usually manifests in the form of a tortoise or dragon, his totem animals.  When he enters his EX form, his wings transform into those of a dragon and he has both of his eyes.

Solaris's Day DNA:  3.39:Solaris:100:0:48:219:4:49:0:0:115:94:125:FBFBFB
Solaris's Night DNA:  3.39:Solaris (Night):100:0:48:219:4:49:0:0:115:13:75:FBFBFB
EX-Solaris's DNA:  3.39:EX-Solaris:100:0:48:219:4:49:0:0:115:0:127:FBFBFB

Marina Yukimura

Marina is a descendant of Sanada Yukimura from the world of Innistrad.  During the day, she is a demon while she is a werewolf during the night, but she doesn't depend on the full moon to undergo the change.  A long-time rival of Solaris Masamune, Marina has fought with him many times.

It's rumored that the reason behind their rivalry is because Marina had two tails, but Solaris cut one of them off.  She managed to escape to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, where Sakuya found her.  The maid protected her from stray youkai until help could arrive.  In thanks, Marina became one of the maids of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Marina dual-wields whips, which is almost impossible for mere humans to achieve.  She can use both the darkness and fire elements.  Her attacks usually take on the form of her totem animals, the tiger and the phoenix.  When she is in her EX form, she has the wings of a phoenix and devil wings on her head as well.

Marina's Day DNA:  3.39:Marina:100:114:63:286:76:8:0:0:78:0:0:20AD79
Marina's Night DNA:  3.39:Marina (Night):100:344:63:286:76:8:0:0:78:0:99:20AD79
EX-Marina's DNA:  3.39:EX-Marina:100:150:63:286:76:8:0:0:78:0:7:20AD79

Midori Yakumo

Midori is half-human, half-youkai.  Her powers are similar to those of Dante, Vergil, and Nero from the Devil May Cry series.  She is known as the Harbinger of Balance and her name, which means Green, reflects this.  Midori is the sister of Yukari, although most don't know that fact.

Because she is a half-blood, Midori has abilities from both the human and youkai races.  She mimics the combat styles of Nero, Vergil, and Swordmaster Style Dante from Devil May Cry.  If she's trained by another, she can learn even more styles and use them as if she was that person.  One of the main abilities she uses is her Youkai Trigger, which works similarly to Devil Trigger.  This also causes her to use all of her combat styles in perfect harmony.  This form is nicknamed the Youkai Blend style.  In her EX form, Midori has unlimited Youkai Trigger, but doesn't regenerate health while it's used.

Midori brought Solaris Masamune and Marina Yukimura to Gensokyo from their home world of Innistrad.  There are mixed stories as to why.  Some say that she did so in order to prepare them for a fight that may decide the fate of Gensokyo.  Others believe that they wished to leave the troubles of their home world behind and start over.  A few, like Yukari, claim that it was all accidental.  Whatever the reason, the two new gappies made the best of what they had and lived rather peaceful lives.  Well, peaceful in Gensokyo terms.

Midori mainly uses Dominus Fate, a sword like Vergil's Yamato fused with Dante's Rebellion and Nero's Red Queen.  She does, however, have the power to use many Youkai Arms, which are the Touhou version of Devil Arms.

One of the main things that separates Midori from the other Touhou characters is the names of her difficulty modes, as well as the ones of those who will end up fighting her.  The difficulty mode names are similar to Devil May Cry difficulty mode names.  The difficulties change with the character.  As an example, here are the difficulties for Midori, from Easy to Lunatic:

Sparda's Disciple
Harbinger of Balance
Midori Must Die

Perhaps her most amazing power is that of voice mimicry.  She can mimic any person's voice perfectly.  She usually uses this when she quotes a famous person or sings a song.

Midori's DNA:  3.39:Midori:100:6:106:349:11:5:0:0:0:154:0:FFFF80
Youkai Trigger Midori's DNA:  3.39:Midori (Youkai Trigger):100:6:106:349:11:5:105:0:0:154:0:FFFF80
EX-Midori's DNA:  3.39:EX-Midori:100:6:106:349:11:5:0:0:0:154:115:FFFF80
Youkai Trigger EX-Midori's DNA:  3.39:EX-Midori (Youkai Trigger):100:6:106:349:11:5:105:0:0:154:110:FFFF80

Julie Ultimus
(my main OC, appearing almost anywhere)

Julie is a young, adventurous girl who travels to other worlds in an attempt to find out about her past.  As of yet, nothing she did bore fruit.  Not even the gods of the many worlds she's been to know of her history.  All she knows is her birthplace:  the world known as Alara.  She's always looking out for the best solution to any problem she faces, turning to violence only as a last resort.  She watches over all of the worlds, making sure that they remain safe.  If things get out of hand in any one plane, she may intervene.  Because of this, she is knows as the Guardian of the Multiverse.

Julie's DNA:  3.39:Julie:100:117:93:158:263:111:0:0:0:0:71:FFFF00
  • Listening to: T M Revolution
  • Watching: Sengoku Basara
  • Playing: Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction

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